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Exceptional Client Service:

As a boutique firm, we are able to provide our clients with consistent attention and a highly tailored approach when it comes to fulfilling their values and long-term goals, as well as executing their short-term plans. Our expertise and resources are channeled exclusively into meeting each of our client's investment management needs. Our team is able to customize all aspects of an investment approach instead of acting according to a set formula. We strive to provide personalized attention with regard to everyday inquiries, portfolio modifications, account changes, and asset transfers or cash distributions.


Our selective client base allows us to provide those we serve with meticulous investment management services and enhanced logistical support, including but not limited to: account inception, rebalancing, asset transfers between custodians or managers, line of credit opening and access, and alternative investment maintenance.

The outsourced Chief Investment Officer model makes our team an extension of a client’s staff. We act as a working nexus between our clients, their back-office teams, legal and accounting professionals, and custodians and investment managers. Our support includes document review and signature procurement, custodian data management, complete account reconciliation, performance history preservation, cash management and line of credit analysis, as well as fee and cost tracking. We believe in keeping our clients fully apprised of how their assets are being put to work and thus maintain open lines of communication with all parties who affect them.

Listed below are services typical to our practice. This is list is not exhaustive. Our team works to ensure that all clients' needs are met in an efficient manner. 

What We Offer:

Investment strategy development, portfolio construction and in-depth asset allocation analysis

Investment strategy and asset allocation implementation

Fund and Investment Manager due diligence process, selection, evaluation and oversight

Fee negotiations with Custodians, Advisors and Managers

Creation and implementation of individual Investment Manager guidelines

Monitoring of Investment Funds and Sub-Advisor performance

Tactical asset allocation and periodic rebalancing

Manager vetting and periodic meetings with Investment Managers

Meetings and presentations with Clients and their advisory boards

Comprehensive, customizable investment reporting, as well as market updates and client letters

Alternative Investment data aggregation and analysis

Provision of stress tests and Monte Carlo simulations

Line of Credit arbitrage and analysis

Cash management and gain/loss analysis and reporting

Exceptional customer service and close working relationships

Coordination of activities with the Client’s professional service teams, including accounting/auditing, tax, estate planning, legal and insurance

Comprehensive assistance with new account inception and custodial transfers

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